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Everybody is welcome to visit the center and enjoy a unique feeling of volunteering.

The center is not just a place to volunteer and help others, it is also a place for all to learn, grow and have the opportunity to make valuable life changes to lead a happy and meaningful life.

We request people who come here, even for a short time, to follow the monastic code of morality which includes:

Not harming any living being.
Not taking what is not given.
Not sexual misconduct.
Not harmful, harsh or false speech.
Not taking drugs or alcohol during your stay here.

Please pay attention that cats, dogs and even cows are walking freely around the center. Don’t worry the cows don’t bite.

In the center there are patients with HIV or tuberculosis; they are in a closed off area which is showed to the volunteers during the welcome tour. The volunteers will never be asked to be in contact with these patients. They have qualified caretakers.

The center provides gloves, face masks, disinfectant solutions, etc. to protect the volunteers and the patients. A volunteer coordinator is always present to show the right procedure and to answer any questions the volunteer might have.

It is also important to have all your vaccinations updated, this is for your own safety and others.

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