Each volunteer is free to participate in every activity as they like, or to learn a new skill. Volunteers can also propose and organize new projects if they have any skills that can be useful for the benefit of the center and its residents.

The international volunteers can help the center in several ways:

Patients Activities

The patient activities are divided into: patient care, patient washing, physiotherapy and wheelchairing patients.

  • Every day the Patient Care team provides basic care across Thabarwa: they change bandages, clean and treat wounds and wash patients that cannot move.
  • The patient washing team organizes all that is necessary to clean the people that have difficulties to do it by themselves.
  • The physiotherapy team helps people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise.
  • Wheelchairing patients is an activity that can be done anytime to provide fresh air and joy to patients. The acupuncture doctor also asks our help sometimes to transport them to his studio.
  • Also, we help patients to do gym exercises with our ‘Make them Move’ activity by going into patients halls and stimulate them with some simple movements.

You don’t necessarily need to be skilled in any of this activity as international volunteers are covering the basics and have the support from professionals when available.

It’s a great chance to help people and to learn about your abilities and strengths. For some people, it can be an overwhelming experience to face the old aged and disabled here. It can be a tough but rewarding lesson, giving deep and liberating understanding.

Alms Round

Volunteers have the rare chance to join the monks collecting alms during the morning and have a unique experience about Buddhism and really interact with the local people.

Buddhist culture is based around Dhanna – donations and good deeds. Lay people from Yangon and surrounding villages share their food and give money every day to support the vulnerable people, monks and volunteers from ThaBarWa. It’s beautiful to see the generosity of Burmese people that offer whatever they can to the Center that relies on them. Thanks to ThaBarWa’s reputation, the center receives invitations from all around the greater Yangon area to come to do its Alms round. The good Karma is tangible every day.

Community Activities

Volunteers can help in the maintenance and building activities at the center. Teaching English to locals and children, cooking and gardening is also something that we do.

Several side projects can be organized by all volunteers that want to share their skills to improve the conditions of the center. These can involve copy writing, photo shooting, video making, organizing yoga lessons, helping orphans, providing materials to locals in need and more.



Volunteers will be hosted in separate male and female dorms. If the dorms are full, we have an open space where we will arrange a clean place to sleep. Bed linen, security lockers and mosquito nets are provided.

Breakfast and lunch are provided by the center and a kitchen is available for the volunteers to prepare the dinner together. Free R/O filtered water is available free throughout the center. There are also several restaurants and shops in the center for any extra needs that you might have.

As in every monastery in Myanmar, we request people who come to our center, to follow the Monastic Code of Morality. Before the decision to come please read the What Else page and read more about ThaBarWa on our Welcome book.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Vincent Van Gogh