The center

ThaBarWa Center (in Thanlyin, Myanmar), founded by the Venerable Ashin Ottamathara is a non-profit humanitarian organisation working for a noble cause.  It is an ideal place for learning and practicing meditation as well as for helping others who have physical and mental limitations and difficulties.

By curiosity the Venerable Ottamathara started his Dhamma journey. After giving up all his belongings in 2002 to become a monk, he supported the Myanmar people in 2004 after the tsunami, helping through his detachment teachings and collecting funds for affected areas.

For various reasons, only people fulfilling certain requirements are allowed to live in a monastery. Therefore, Sayadaw Ottamathara decided to build a meditation centre that gives everyone – regardless of age, nationality and religion – a home and a chance to get in touch with the Dhamma 24 hours a day, seven days a week by doing limitless good deeds and meditating.

There are over 40 Thabarwa centers around Myanmar and new centers are being constantly established – also abroad. The population of our main center branch in Thanlyin, Yangon is increasing rapidly. Currently there are more than 3400 people staying here.

We help those who cannot support themselves and survive on their own due to various reasons including homeless, helpless, infirm, refugees. We take care of patients in various medical states: blind, deaf, disabled, after stroke, with physical disorders, as well as chronically ill (e.g. suffering from HIV or TB).

Professionals, volunteers, material supplies are all essential here at all times. You are always welcome to become a part of our community and donate your skills, time, service, money and materials to do limitless good deeds!