ThaBarWa means “original nature” in the Burmese language and it’s a place where volunteers can practice meditation and donate their time, effort and energy to help others. The center was established in 2008 by the venerable Ashin Ottamathara and it is taking care of the most crucial needs of the local community. The center provides sanctuary for more than 3400 people including the aged, sick, disabled, homeless and helpless. It provides help without discrimination or restrictions. Volunteers here in the centre will have the opportunity to live, work and learn alongside monks and Burmese people in a very unique way.


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ThaBarWa is a place for all to learn, grow and have the opportunity to make valuable life changes so to lead a happy and meaningful life. Meditation is the mental practice of mindfulness and right understanding. Through meditation, the mind will be happy, peaceful and powerful. This is a place of full-time meditation and doing good deeds for spiritual development. There is always the opportunity to follow guided meditations and learn more about Buddhism. Meditation and yoga teachers are always welcome to join and help organizing lessons for the volunteers.

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The ThaBarWa center is helping people in need like the aged, sick patients and the homeless. International volunteers are always welcome to share their skills and smiles. Some of the activities are helping patients with general care, washing and physiotherapy. Also volunteers can help in the maintenance and building activities at the center. Teaching English to locals, making art projects, cooking, gardening and taking care of children is also something that we do.

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